Today, Bill Conway, an adjunct Finance Professor at DePaul University, reserve U.S. Naval intelligence officer and former Cook County Assistant State's Attorney, announced his campaign for Cook County State's Attorney.

Conway released the following statement:
"I am running for State's Attorney to enact real criminal justice reform that’s more fair and humane to non-violent offenders, get illegal guns off our streets, and get politics out of an office where it doesn’t belong.

We need a new approach to stop the epidemic of gun violence that haunts our community. As a Naval intelligence officer, my mission was to stop the flow of illegal weapons to the Taliban by following the money. I will bring those same new and innovative tactics to stop the illegal guns flooding our streets.

As an Assistant State's Attorney, I went after corrupt public officials, including three police officers because no one should be above the law especially those in charge of enforcing it. I am ready to bring my experience as a prosecutor and Naval officer to truly reform our criminal justice system, stop needless incarceration of nonviolent offenders and keep the most dangerous off our streets."