Annual Lake Michigan Cruise  
Thursday, 19th September
6 pm - 10 pm

Members: $80      Non-Members: $95

Network in style at IN-Chicago's second annual Lake Michigan Cruise. Enjoy an open bar, delicious bites and breathtaking views of the Chicago skyline.

This year we are pushing off on our wonderful boat trip on Lake Michigan and raising some money for our dear friend PADDY HOMAN and his fantastic show happening this October. I AM IRELAND will be conducted by the amazing Rich Daniels and the city Lights Orchestra and will be fully televised for WTTW at Old St. Pats.

The I AM IRELAND show is a homegrown Chicago production — featuring internationally recognized Irish musicians from the Chicagoland area.

The uniqueness of this production, through its use of original speeches of the great leaders of Ireland—from Theobald Wolfe Tone to Robert Emmet and Michael Collins, interwoven with the songs of this period is outstandingly captured by Homan’s performance. This theatrical presentation seamlessly illustrates the story of a nation’s quest for freedom, and has touched the hearts of all who have seen this program. Viewers come away with a deep sense of belonging as they connect with the spirit of Irish American ancestry, which speaks to freedom loving people from all cultures. The themes and story are as relevant today as they were 200 years ago. Today, some 36 million Americans claim Irish ancestry.

Senator Billy Lawless, the first Irish government appointed Senator representing the Irish Diaspora across the world and based in Chicago, recently commented in a speech, “that for those Irish fleeing persecutions from their native home, America always represented liberty and justice for all, with endless possibilities for those who were willing to work hard”. Senator Lawless aptly puts it, ‘the rhyming of history continues—same story but different countries.”

Our filmed program will capture this story of Ireland’s road to freedom for generations to come. More than ever, the people in America need to hear the story presented by the I AM IRELAND show.

Honorary Chairman: Enda Kenny, Former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland
Project Co-Chairs: Devon Bruce ✦ Jim Coyne ✦ Kevin Flood ✦ Jack Hartman ✦ Bridget Gainer ✦ Senator Billy Lawless ✦ Eileen Mitchell ✦ Peter O’Brien

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