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Mike Lynskey, the present King of The Claddagh is fortunate to be among us. The following incidents happened in the first quarter of the twentieth century: Firstly, his mother, Bridget, failed to board the Titanic on the stop off in Cobh in 1912. Secondly, his father, Patrick, sustained a head wound in 1915 while in battle against the Germans on the Western Front. The presiding surgeon, who examined Mike’s father, later remarked that if Patrick had been half an inch taller, he could have been a dead man!

Providentially, both Bridget and Patrick were enthusiastic in sending love letters across thousands of miles of oceans, between Boston, where Bridget worked and over the other side of the world, to India, where Patrick was stationed at that time. Despite the distance, their love deepened and they jointly agreed to return to ‘The Holy Ground’ once more. They eventually walked up the aisle in 1920. The newly-married couple settled in Upper Fairhill in The Claddagh and as the numbers in the Lynskey household increased, our future ‘King’ enjoyed some magnificent, magical and merry playtime in the company of his siblings.

Historically and in times past, the role and purpose of The King Of The Claddagh involved a small select set of duties. These included leading out the fleet of fishing boats and when the day’s fishing had concluded, he gave the signal for a return to shore. He was careful to show that he was the last to berth his boat which might otherwise lead to rumours of unfair advantage to him in promptly selling his catch. The King was also chosen for his experience, insight and wisdom to mediate and seek reconciliation in marriage problems or where there were divisions among individuals, families and neighbours. His main goal was to use his particular gift in these areas and to do everything possible to ensure there was peace and harmony in the village. Our present King is relieved to confirm that today, this role is purely a symbolic one!

Please take time out to enjoy these stories and entertaining musical pieces coupled with action, enjoyment and wonder. These recollections are lovingly told as Mike, invites all his listeners to ‘come aboard’ and join with him on this voyage of discovery. As the Gleótóg christened ‘Annie’ gathers increasing speed, stay with us right to the end as our King ‘trims the sails’ and warmly celebrate, once again, another bright star taking his rightful place among the growing family of ‘Galway Greats’

Lastly, I feel honoured and proud to be able to engage with ‘King Michael’ as he weaves a wonderful tapestry of his many adventures that include the following: growing up in The Claddagh; his early job experiences in some of Galway’s well-known establishments; his period of service in the army; working in Galway as an adult; meeting his beloved Annie in The Commercial Ballroom and finally his love for the sea and special pride of place, The Claddagh. I would like to add that ‘His Majesty’ has been generous and enthusiastic with his time and effort in the course of this project and through his support he has ensured that the unique and musical tones of his voice will now resonate down the centuries of time. Let us shout aloud with glowing fervour: “Long live Michael Lynskey, The King of The Claddagh!”

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