* The year is 1845 and Ireland is now in the grips of the great potato famine
* Tirfothuinn, an ancient & mystical land ‘under the waves’ that protects the Emerald Isle responds....
* Three special fairies are sent on a mission to save the dying Fairy tree in a small village which will in turn, restore the people and their land to health.
* The fairies represent, hope, happiness and luck.
* But there is an evil witch who haunts a local Lough who will oppose their plan and….. who is responsible for cursing the crops to fail.
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* The Fairies will need the help of 5 children, but all the children must believe in fairies if they are to break the evil curse of the ancient Irish Witch, Petticoat Loose.
* The Fairies choose a boy called Lardoolin and a wonderful sheepdog called Reigh, to make the plan happen as well as 5 children from the orphanage outside the village. But only 3 children believe in fairies. Can the other children be convinced?
* Read this magical story to find out how Lardoolin, his mother Ma’ and Reigh the sheepdog help the fairies and the children on their adventure and special mission.
* There is a magical pocket watch, special herbal dog treats made by Ma’, and a powerful magical poem, all of which will be important to defeating the witch.
* Will our heroes succeed in defeating the witch and restoring life to the fairy tree but moreover, can they restore happiness and health back to the people of the village?

About the Author
Jim Landers is 51, lives in Nottingham in the UK and has a wife and one son
They have a dog, a bearded collie on who they based our illustrations for the story.
His dad was from Clogheen, Co. Tipperary, and his Mum, from Bookeen, Co. Galway
I wrote the book whilst on Covid Lockdown in Clogheen during March to July 2020.

It really is amazing what long dogs walks and quality reflection time can do with the imagination.
This is my first book.

'Lardoolin' as he was referred in his day, was my great great grandfather and the town undertaker during the famine.

A phrase referring to him at the time was 'Lardoolins yellow cart or van'. He must have painted his horse or donkey drawn cart/hearse yellow for some reason.

Reigh cemetery that was used during the famine is still there and was used for mass burial.

The character Ma' is my grandmother Margaret Landers nee Grey.

Previous to the book, I worked as a project manager in healthcare for 18 years and was made redundant in April 2020.

I am establishing my new career in developing the Lardoolin adventure through some sequels and have a special edition planned to launch in the next couple of months.

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