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Young Readers Embark on a Whimsical Adventure with “The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter,” a Thrilling Children’s Book by Chris Cochrane

The author adds his contribution to children’s literature with an enchanting book poised to capture the hearts and minds of kids. Readers will love this delightful and imaginative children’s tale.

San Diego, CA, October 16, 2023 - The children’s book “The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter” (Hawes & Jenkins; 2023) by Chris Cochrane introduces readers to Olivia and Caroline, two spirited sisters who discover that their daily chores are no longer just the responsibility of their mother.In an unexpected twist, their father hints at the involvement of a mysterious, helpful creature. Fueled by curiosity, the trio embarks on a whimsical journey to seek out this enigmatic benefactor and offer their gratitude.“The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter” transcends the realm of ordinary children’s literature, inviting readers into a boundless world where creativity knows no limits. Chris Cochrane expertly weaves a tale that celebrates the enchantment of childhood, the enduring power of friendship, and the joy of shared laughter. It’s a story that promises to transport readers to a universe brimming with endless possibilities, where misfits and mysteries intermingle.This captivating story is a delight not only for young readers but also for parents, teachers, and caregivers’ eager to share a magical adventure with the children in their lives. Featuring illustrations that beckon young explorers to embark on a scavenger hunt for whimsical creatures hidden within the pages, the book guarantees an interactive and immersive reading experience for all.“The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter” offers a heartwarming journey that reminds readers of the joy that can be found in the most unexpected places. This book is an essential addition to any child’s library, promising hours of entertainment, imagination, and discovery.Dive into the world of Olivia, Caroline, and their mysterious friend as they unlock the secrets of their magical chores. Get a copy of “The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter” by Chris Cochrane on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.“The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter”Author: Chris CochraneGenre: Children’s LiteraturePublisher: Hawes & JenkinsPublished date: March 27, 2023Author’s BiographyChris Cochrane, an author gifted with an incredibly active imagination, has completed his new book ““The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter””: a charming story centered around two young sisters who believe a friendly creature has been doing their chores for them, and set off with their dad to thank him for being such a helpful friend.Fond of nature, sports, and fantasy and sci-fi movies and TV shows, author Chris Cochrane draws his writing inspiration from the world around him but most especially from his family: his wife Stephanie and their four children.A salesman with a bachelor’s degree in business, Chris writes to entertain and amuse and loves inventing weird and wacky words, phrases, and creatures with which to delight his children. At his wife’s suggestion, he began to write his stories down so that other children could enjoy them too.


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