Key Murphy is a freak, a prodigy. He has visions so real that he’s diagnosed with PTSD. Key learns that his visions might be caused by a mutated gene which allows him to experience the memories of an ancestor.

Key also has a family link to The Book of Kells. Pages from the book were stolen in Ireland in the distant past. Those pages are believed to contain clues to the location of one of the most priceless treasures of Christendom. 

Padraig Collins is one of the wealthiest men in Europe. He was an undercover operative for the IRA. He amassed a fortune. He wants those pages. His soul depends on them. He will do whatever it takes to possess them. 

The race is on.
“O’Connor takes these familiar Dan Brown-style thriller elements-hidden societies, secret histories, shocking revelations buried in historical events (plus a certain cosmopolitan flavor; the narrative bounces from Philadelphia to Jamaica to Ireland and elsewhere) – and combines them to craft a thriller that will be pleasing to any fan of The Da Vinci Code (2003).”
Kirkus Reviews

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